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Anthony Takes Out All Star
The Blind Date is the ninth episode in season 2 of Jordon Vs. Hollywood and the 19th overall.


Noel and Vick have been dating for approxiamatly three weeks (episode count). In they're relationship Nick is jealous and since Vick cares about him and his feelings, he decides with Noel, and to set him up on a blind date (to them one of they're friends). To Noel when she ask the question 'Does anyone want to go on a blind date with Nick'. Out of no where Jenna agrees. (not hearing the 'with Nick' part). She thought and did because she was going on a date with a really hot guy. When she got to the date she found out that it wasn't what she had expected but it was Nick. After this Jenna knew it wouldn't be a great night for herself after all. At the restraunt Jenna showed no intrest so which means Noel and Vick realized she was also having a bit of bad luck. Her soup or food that she order poured on her, the converstaions she had with Nick were embrarassing, and she didn't enjoy. Then she took Noel, Noel had no idea what's Jenna's problem, so Noel ask kind of like what's going on where are you taking me. Jenna says on an adventure but knows it's not true. They then start to talk about how she's feeling on the date. Noel understood and told Jenna and Nick 'just wants to please you so you would like him better'. Lastly back at the table Jenna tells Nick what he could do if he wants to make any girl like him. At first Noel and vick also told Nick kind of what to do.

Noel and Jenna's main line

Jenna pulls Noel out of her seat and says:

Noel: Don't hurt me....

Jenna: Why would i hurt you?!

Noel: Well because it seems that your not having a good time and -------

Jenna: Well that's true. But i wouldn't hurt you........well.....maybe......uh. Anyway