"Noel was my best friend first"-Edit

Julie said to Jordon

Nulie is the saying to the relationship between Noel and Julie Jackson. (N/oel - J/ulie = Nulie). Julie and Noel seemed to be great friends BFF forever. As Julie claims that Noel's her best friend and not Jordon's. Julie and Noel have the best friendship between everybody else. They're always there for each other and never have any problems. Julie wants the best for Noel and they never fight, argue, and they understand each others problems. Unlike Joel the relationship between Jordon and Noel it has it ups and downs, nside outs, and right from wrong.

It is easier to tell they're relationship from anyone others relationship it's real, unique, cool and they love each other. Although when Julie brags this consept throughout the series it is true and different from the way they act with each other to anyone elses relationship.

Stevie & Alicia II

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Season 2Edit

New Boy

  • Julie sat next to Noel at the table in front of the Sullivan Studios
  • Julie helped Noel to come up with her song "Ready, Set, Go
  • Noel tells Julie that she was right at being friends with Jordon when she was mad at her.

Lights, Camera, Action

  • Juli