Nicoel and Voel is the friendship of Noel, Nick, and Vick. (Nic/k - N/oel = Nicoel), (V/ick - N/oel = Voel). This is the relationship between the two characters. Noel thinks Nick and Vick as a friend and someone to talk to. The way they get along is pretty cool. Noel doesn't think they're weird she just thinks them as buddies

No More Dickison

  • Noel was one of the only one to care about the fact that Vick missed being with his brother
  • Tried to help Vick get Nick back.
  • Was very nice to ask him questions about how he felt
  • Noel kissed Vick. In order to make Nick jealous and prove that he can't do everything first.

Season 2Edit

Always Be There

  • Noel was standing next to Nick while Jordon was performing the song "I'll Always Be There".

Noel's Birthday Party

  • Nick and Vick showed up to her birthday party.

Golden Ticket Shahira

  • Nick and Vick both said "Sorry" to Noel when she had her ticket but lost it.
  • Noel cries and puts her head on Vick's crying shoulder when Michael says that maybe they just won't see Shahira's consert.

Prove of LoveEdit

Noel says "I love him too". in the episode A Sharp Film Noel looks back at Vick as Julie says "Noel what are you looking at".

Noel is glad to help Vick with his problem and says "It's not that bad" when Jordon and Julie ask her how it was. Last she even kissed Vick.