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Anthony Takes Out is the eighth episode in season 2 of Jordon Vs. Hollywood and the 18th overall.


When Anthony is somehow not earning enough money for the Sullivan Studios he is forced to close down bussiness and hand it over to someone else. Mrs. Davis (a teacher at Jenna's university) bought the place and took over. But she becomes the main problem for the group when she's very rude, strict, and harsh minded on them. Then she found out that Jordon and the gang could fire her if they wanted she quickly became surronded. So when she could Mrs. Davis then started acting and pretending to be nice so that they wouldn't fire her. Everyone believed and followed this of her act. But not Jordon thanks to Jenna's help she was able to know what's Mrs. Davis' true plan, and didn't fall. So when Jordon showed Mrs. Davis that she hadn't imediately made it look like Jordon was being the rude and mean one. Until Jordon showed them the proof and once the rest found out they all decided to fire Mrs. Davis.