Amber Anple


January 14, 1993 (18)


Lafayette, Louisiana


A Capella



Years Active



American(half French, German, Irish, Swedish, and Spanish descent)

Acting as


Amber Kobee Anple born (January 14, 1993) is an American actress, singer, and model and plays as Noel in the Starconnection hit series Jordon Vs. Hollywood.

BackGround & Early LifeEdit

Anple was born and rasied in Lafayette, Louisiana. She is French, German, Irish, Swedish, and Spanish. Anple was rasied and adopted by two homo-sexual fathers. Anple as a child loved to perform as inrolled in the Scramento Performing Arts. As she then moved to Scramento, California. Anple's naturally hair color was a light brown hair fused with alittle hint of black. But she dyed it to blonde hair because of how good she felt about the color. As she said that yellow-blonde is one of her favorite colors and that she wanted to dye her hair that color. She likes to act, dance, sing, and model as her favorite TV show is "Shake it Up" as she thought of the idea for there to be an episode of the series of it. She loves to sing as she made a song with co-star Cherity Hilson called "Go On". She also was invovle with her other co-star Ashley Babenski as she herself has song the theme and has made the credit for the series "Just Christine". And in an interview with "People Magazine". Before Anple was seen in a "Tynami" commercial that has made her alittle popular. She has also adutioned for things. Although she didn't win most of the themes she went for she is still satisfed we the little she has worked for. It wasn't much possible for Anple to make it to school but she was home schooled and that was enough for her. But has gone back to a private high school as she continues to make the show.


Amber is also known for making an apperence in the also Starconnection new hit series "Just Christine". As the character "Billy" and singing the theme song of the series "Billy S." And has also song a song with co-star Cherity Hilson called "Go On".

She has also appeared in the Starconnection/Tynami game show Space It Out: Celebrity Game. She has also meet top celebrities like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Shahira, Alex Babenski, and more.

Anple is right now trying to build up her career while continuing Jordon Vs. Hollywood. Amber also is a model and taking photoshot.